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ScorSer - 250.000 free sheet music

Looking for some sheet music? Perhaps we can help you find it!

ScorSer - 250.000 free sheet music

Postby scorser » 01 Jul 2010, 18:01

Finally happened! Total semi-annual programming and the site is ready)))

I present you the first in the world sheet music search engine ScorSer. I myself had spent a lot of time searching for the sheet music among several archives, now everything will be easier.

Indexed more than 30 sheet music sites, and this is about 250.000 scores. 9000 scores only of Bach, Mozart is about 4700 and 3200 Beethoven scores.

All scores are FREE!!!

Multi language Search: for "Handel" request the search goes on with " Händel " and translation into other languages. The results present in original writing and translation in your language.
Total so far supported 15 languages. Over time, perhaps an extension.

PS: If you see any error search, or you have any suggestions, do not hesitate - write to the forum.
PPS: sorry for bad english
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New version of search

Postby scorser » 25 Sep 2010, 15:06

Main improvements and additions:

There was added lists of Composers, Instruments and Tags to make search easy and improve it quality.

Improved accuracy of the search: earlier because of the cutoff endings of short words, such as, for example, "aria" in the search results was a lot of unnecessary items. Now stemming works only for long words

Improved ranking of results: first, now displays the results with exact matches to the search query, then the results obtained by detecting the query keywords, instruments and composers, and then remaining on the old search results.

The navigation in search result is improved by adding composers, instruments and tags.
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Re: ScorSer - 250.000 free sheet music

Postby GGG » 27 Jan 2012, 04:42

Thanks for a great site. I find what I was looking for easily.

But I spotted one thing confusing - I selected Lithuanian language and find all composer's names in Russian. Not everyone in Lithuania can understand CYRYLICA, so I would be very appreciate if you could change names to English ones - will be less misunderstandings.

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